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Choosing Cosmetic Procedures That Make Me Look Amazing

I have always been someone who loves looking young, which is probably one of the reasons that old age was so hard on me. I realized that I was having all kinds of problems with other people's perception of my age, and it was difficult. In order to turn the tables in my favor, I decided to visit a cosmetic surgeon for a consultation. It was incredible to talk with the surgeon and see what he said, and he had all kinds of great ideas for improving my appearance. This blog is all about choosing cosmetic procedures that will make you look incredible.

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4 Things To Know Before You Get A Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a type of plastic surgery that alters the shape of your nose. Rhinoplasty can improve asymmetries, balance the profile of the nose, and change proportions. Your nose, being in the middle of your face, is a central part of your appearance. Taking the first step toward changing it can be scary, especially when you don't know what to expect. Below are four things to keep in mind before you have a rhinoplasty procedure.

1. Research surgeons extensively.

While perfection may be unobtainable, having a close result isn't. Start by making a list of plastic surgeons in your area and reading patient reviews online, then schedule a consultation to see if they will be a good fit. Rhinoplasty is not an easy procedure and deformities can be permanent, so be sure to pick quality over affordability. 

If you feel comfortable doing so, consider making a public post on social media asking your friends for recommendations. While many like to keep their cosmetic procedures private due to fear of judgment, some may be open to sharing surgeon recommendations and will applaud you for your openness in sharing your experience.

2. Strive for a nose that looks good on you, not one that a celebrity has.

While it's understandable that you may have a particular type of nose in mind when you go to your doctor, remember that facial harmony can only be achieved by having a nose that fits your other facial features. Be open to suggestions from the surgeon, and only bring reference pictures of people that have similar facial features.

3. Be patient after surgery. 

Rhinoplasty can lead to swelling that lasts for several months after surgery, and your result won't be revealed until the swelling has gone down. In some cases, recovery can even take up to one year. Try to be patient and manage your expectations while you wait for your nose to heal from the procedure. The results will be worth it.

4. Other people might not notice.

Successful rhinoplasties tend to create subtle changes that still appear natural, so unless people are actively looking for changes, your nose might look the same to them. This means you should get a rhinoplasty for yourself, not because you think it will make other people treat you differently.

If you would like to have a rhinoplasty done after reading this guide, look up a plastic surgery center near you and set up a consultation with a surgeon to have the rest of your questions answered.