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Choosing Cosmetic Procedures That Make Me Look Amazing

I have always been someone who loves looking young, which is probably one of the reasons that old age was so hard on me. I realized that I was having all kinds of problems with other people's perception of my age, and it was difficult. In order to turn the tables in my favor, I decided to visit a cosmetic surgeon for a consultation. It was incredible to talk with the surgeon and see what he said, and he had all kinds of great ideas for improving my appearance. This blog is all about choosing cosmetic procedures that will make you look incredible.

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Four Things You Need To Know About Expanding Your Family After A Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a popular cosmetic procedure for women who are concerned about loose skin in their abdominal region. The procedure can also be used to remove fat in the stomach area and repair damage to your muscles. If you are interested in expanding your family, you may be unsure if you can do so after a tummy tuck. Read on to learn a few things you need to know about having children after a tummy tuck.

1. You Can Have a Healthy Pregnancy After a Tummy Tuck

If you get pregnant after your tummy tuck, you can breathe easy knowing that you can still have a healthy pregnancy. However, you may experience more feelings of discomfort in the abdominal region. Some women complain of extreme tightness and pulling, especially during the second and third trimesters.

2. Most Women Prefer to Wait Until Their Family is Complete Before Having a Tummy Tuck

From a financial standpoint, it makes sense for most women to wait until they know they are done having kids before have a tummy tuck due to the cost of the procedure. To preserve the results and prevent the need for a touch up surgery, it is best to hold off on the surgery until your family is complete. 

3. If Pregnancy Affects Your Tummy Tuck, You May Be Able to Fix Any Issues with a Less Invasive Procedure

If you do get pregnant after your tummy tuck, it is possible that your pregnancy can undo some of the effects of your surgery. For example, the pregnancy may damage your muscles or you may have lose skin after you have your baby.

Fortunately, your surgeon may be able to fix these issues without having to perform a full tummy tuck. A "mini tummy tuck" is often sufficient to repair these minor issues. This surgery is less invasive than a full procedure.

4. Your Plastic Surgeon May Be Able to Adjust Your Tummy Tuck If You Want More Kids

In some cases, you may feel like waiting is not an option. For example, if you have lost a significant amount of weight and the lose skin is causing health problems, you likely want to get rid of it sooner, rather than later.

If you know you want to have children in the future, discuss this with your plastic surgeon. Your plastic surgeon can adjust certain portions of the tummy tuck (such as muscle repair) to provide the space necessary for a growing baby. This can help eliminate the feelings of abdominal tightness that some women experience. Contact a clinic, like Murphy Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, for more help.